Arjun Sethi on SALT Talks

In this episode, our partner Arjun Sethi joins Anthony Scaramucci to discuss early stage venture, Bitcoin, and China.

“Who you know v.s. what you know” on Square One

In this episode, our partner Arjun Sethi joins Romeen Sheth to discuss a range of topics including the transition from operator to investor, force multipliers, 1-of-N versus N-of-1, and retesting underlying assumptions in the era of COVID-19

A Quantitative Approach to Seed Investors

When investors underwrite seed-stage companies, the new company’s team and product, and even market, might have not yet materialized. Even with so much uncertainty, investors still develop confidence, but how?

The Hive is the New Network

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all started life as revolutionary networks that brought existing real-world relationships online. Today, they are aging utilities, powering an outdated version of the social internet.