Arjun Sethi on Running a Technology Company that Deploys Capital

In this conversation, our partner Arjun Sethi joins Ted Seides from Capital Allocators to discuss Arjun’s upbringing in an immigrant family, his early endeavors as an entrepreneur, success as an angel investor, and different ways of looking at venture investing. He then discusses his experience implementing this hypothesis at Tribe, including using data science to identify product growth, qualitative factors, decision making, and working with portfolio companies.

Arjun Sethi on SALT Talks

In this episode, our partner Arjun Sethi joins Anthony Scaramucci to discuss early stage venture, Bitcoin, and China.

“Who you know v.s. what you know” on Square One

In this episode, our partner Arjun Sethi joins Romeen Sheth to discuss a range of topics including the transition from operator to investor, force multipliers, 1-of-N versus N-of-1, and retesting underlying assumptions in the era of COVID-19